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Two days ago, I would have told you just how much of a poor, poor soul you are. Because it's simply not possible, but the READMEs make you chase the dragon, leading you to believe that it is possible. But alas, no, none of the methods work. After spending hours, you will find out that you can have either source maps, or live reload. Not both. Pick one. But yeah that was two days ago, read on.

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I just had a chance to use the "new" HTML5 <audio> tag. Using it is just as eas y as using anything from HTML5/CSS3. That was sarcasm. The same things apply, you need to be aware of all the various browser inconsis tencies. The main one is the supported formats of course, some vendors support the industry standard MP3, others don't want to support that because it's not open, and Google supports everything because they are swimming in money, and can afford it. Turns out that in o rder to support all the browsers out there, you need to offer at least 2 kinds of formats, consult the chart on Wikipedia for details. While that's inconvinient, like most things in the CSS3/HTML5 area, there is a much bigger waitwhat? here.

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