I'm available for consulting on-site in the Oslo (Norway) area, remotely, or in rare cases where personal attendance is crucial, I can travel for a short amount of time. A quick overview of my favorite topics that I can offer services in:

Conducting technical interviews

Hiring your first software developer is both hard, and crucial, especially if you are missing the technical competency to evaluate potential hires. I can help with writing job descriptions, and conducting interviews, to make sure your first technical hire is up to the challenge, and can help you recruit the rest of your team.

Technical feasibility of software ideas

You have an idea, but you are uncertain on how to approach the technical parts. What kind of team would I need to do this? What kind of technologies should I look into? Do I need machine learning, blockchains, AI, and a distributed block network with a NoSQL document storage? (hint: no to all of that)

I can help validating your ideas, and tell you whether it's even possible to realize it with today's technology, and give you advice on what kind of problems you might run into while developing. I can suggest what kind of development team you would need for your project.

External evaluation of your codebase

When the project started, things were going great, things were going fast. A year has passed, and now your application is slow, adding features take way longer than it used to, and every time you fix a bug, two new problems pop up.

I can help with an external evaluation, audit, refactoring, or modernization of an existing codebase, so that development velocity can pick up again.

Continuous deployment, build systems

Deploying new features, or updating your application results in downtime. Programmers fear deployment because it's tedious, error prone, and involves manual steps, that always result in something breaking.

I can help set up automated deployment pipelines, that removes the manual steps, reducing errors caused by human mistakes to 0.

Introducing automated testing

Some part of your application always breaks when you deploy new code. A part of your site has not worked for more than a month, and you didn't even know about it, until a customer sent you an email complaining about it.

I can help set up test suites, to automatically test about-to-be-deployed code, to make sure it is free of regressions.

Teaching, mentoring

Your development team lacks experience in certain areas, be it related to devops, backend, frontend, that you would like to gain competency in, to help your business.

I can help explaining and teaching various concepts, best practices, and tools that can help you and your development team.


If there is something from above that you believe I can help with, send me an email.